Always Ready
Always Ready

When the call comes, we're ready to go...

With our team's experience at trauma centers and in emergency transport, ready to go is par for the course.

Medical transport flights are multi-faceted, highly choreographed missions, and the work starts with your first call. Whether the journey is a few hundred miles or across an ocean, there are a lot of moving parts with an air medical flight. We know, it's what we do every day.

It starts with determining the needs of the patient. Exactly what type of equipment will be needed. From there we determine the staff qualifications required for the flight. We coordinate with the medical staff at both the discharging and receiving facilities to make sure that everyone is in sync and on the same page.

Once the flight parameters are locked down, we coordinate ground transportation to and from the airports in both cities. If the trip is international, we obtain permits to overfly foreign airspace, we secure visas for the countries we're flying into, we manage passport and customs requirements for our crew, our patients, and any family members travelling with them.