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For Patients/Families

We know what you're going through...

It's our job to help families cost effectively manage the mission of getting their loved one(s) professionally transported.

Helping our clients make smart decisions about how to transport their loved ones is something we pride ourselves upon. For us, satisfaction is a job well done and another patient compassionately cared for.

We know that selecting an air medical transport company can be a daunting project. There are lots of moving pieces and the price can be significant. All of this while dealing with a loved one who is facing a medical challenge. We understand the stress and gravity of the situation you're in and will go to great lengths to help you mitigate costs by finding the closest suitable aircraft for your mission. We will also source ground ambulance companies on both ends of the journey, we will coordinate with medical staff at both facilities, and we will help with the insurance paperwork. We do all of this because at our core, we chose this line of work because we're passionate about helping people in times of crisis. We would like to help you too.

What is an air ambulance and why would I need one?

An air ambulance is an aircraft that has been customized to accommodate the safe and comfortable transportation of critically ill or injured patients. It combines the comforts of a business class aircraft with the medical support of a hospital, including state-of-the-art life support equipment, medications and trained medical staff.

An air ambulance could be necessary when a patients condition requires medical attention, and time and location of needed medical care is a factor. You have the advantage of flight speeds in excess of 500 mph and non-stop distance capability of up to 2200 miles with Medflight One without refueling.

How much does an air medical flight typically cost?

A medical transfer is generally a costly service that varies with the travel distance, medical needs and how quickly the patient needs to be moved. Medflight One will always arrange air flight travel as close to the proximity of the patient as possible to minimize costs.