Choosing the right provider to transport your family member or loved one can be a complicated and stressful experience. Our team knows that and will take the burden off your shoulders by arranging every detail.

What is an air ambulance and why would I need one?

An air ambulance is an aircraft that has been customized to accommodate the safe and comfortable transportation of acute and stable patients. It combines the comforts of a business class aircraft with the medical support of a hospital, including state-of-the-art life support equipment, medications and trained medical staff.

An air ambulance is often necessary when a patient needs to transfer to a specific facility for a specialist, transplant, or for rehabilitation services. It is also common for an air ambulance to be utilized to get fragile loved ones closer to family, including for hospice care.

We know what you’re going through.

We know that selecting an air medical transport company can be daunting. There are lots of moving pieces and the price can be significant. Negotiating all of these details while caring for a loved one can be overwhelming. Helping our clients make smart decisions about how to transport their loved one is something we pride ourselves on. With each flight, our goal is a job well done and another patient compassionately cared for. We understand the stress and gravity of the situation when someone is in medical distress. We go to great lengths to help you minimize your costs by finding the closest suitable aircraft for your mission. We also arrange ground ambulance on both ends of the journey, coordinate with medical staff at both facilities, and help with the insurance paperwork. We take care of these details because we’re passionate about helping people in times of crisis.

How much does an air medical flight typically cost?

A medical transfer is generally a costly service that varies with the travel distance, medical needs and how quickly the patient needs to be moved. Medflight One always arranges air flight travel as close to the proximity of the patient as possible to minimize costs.

Is medical transportation covered by insurance?

In many cases, it is, but chances are you don’t know whether your policy covers it or not. You probably never thought you would need an air medical flight. It probably never came up when you were looking at insurance coverage. But now that you need medical transportation for yourself or loved one, you want to know; are you covered? How can you tell? Will you have to pay a high deductible? Will the entire medical transport be covered or only part of the costs?

The truth is that when you need air medical transportation, you have more important things to do than negotiate with an insurance company. Put us to work for you. Our billing department is experienced in determining what can be covered and what cannot; the expertise of our staff will save you countless hours of trying to determine whether a trip will be covered and to what level.

Determining coverage and exclusions can be complicated, especially if it involves an international trip. It’s not uncommon for a patient to be told that they are not covered, only to determine after further research, that medical flights are indeed part of their policy.

Fortunately, we are experienced in working with major insurance providers on our clients’ behalf and we will work directly with your insurance provider to determine if you have coverage.  We’re your agents and advocates in procuring medical transport every step of the way and helping you determine your insurance coverage is part of that process.

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